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Scalefusion MDM Review: Features, Benefits, and Pricing

    Safeguarding company resources is crucial in today’s changing business environment, where mobile devices and remote work are prevalent. Meet Scalefusion, an all-in-one Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution created to streamline the supervision and protection of devices within the corporate setting. This article explores what Scalefusion entails, its standout features and advantages, and how it distinguishes itself in the MDM market.

    Scalefusion is a user-friendly MDM solution that helps businesses securely oversee and manage both company-owned and personal devices across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 10, and macOS. Created by ProMobi Technologies, Scalefusion simplifies device management by making it easy to deploy, control, and secure devices while encouraging communication and collaboration among team members.

    Scalefusion Review
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    Scalefusion Features

    Scalefusion’s device management capabilities cover iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, making it a versatile solution for businesses with various device preferences. It can effectively manage and secure all types of devices used within an organization.

    Scalefusion offers robust security beyond basic device management. It includes features like password enforcement, device encryption, remote data wiping, and advanced threat detection, ensuring protection against evolving security threats.

    Scalefusion makes it easy to deploy, update, and manage applications on enrolled devices. IT administrators can block unwanted apps and push necessary apps to devices, providing detailed control over the software environment on corporate devices.

    A standout feature of Scalefusion is its ability to distribute documents and multimedia content to team devices seamlessly. This ensures that employees always have access to the latest information, fostering better collaboration and communication.

    Scalefusion also enhances device security with features like geofencing and real-time location tracking. Geofencing triggers alerts when devices enter or leave set geographical boundaries, while real-time location tracking helps keep tabs on device whereabouts, adding an extra layer of security and asset management.

    Additionally, Scalefusion’s remote troubleshooting feature allows IT support teams to resolve device issues efficiently by viewing and controlling devices remotely. This reduces downtime and improves productivity by enabling quick troubleshooting without physical access to the devices.

    BYOD Management

    Scalefusion offers a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management solution that lets employees securely access company data on their personal devices without compromising data privacy or security. It ensures a clear separation between personal and corporate data, allowing businesses to control and protect their data while keeping personal data private.

    Scalefusion’s BYOD solutions are compatible with multiple operating systems. For instance, on Android devices, it creates work containers to keep work and personal apps separate, safeguarding data integrity.

    Scalefusion also includes safety checks, such as device integrity, security, and compatibility assessments using features like SafetyNet, ensuring that devices meet the company’s security standards.

    In case of a lost or stolen device, Scalefusion provides remote wipe and lock features to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

    Scalefusion Benefits

    Using Scalefusion offers several benefits:

    • Enhanced Productivity: By managing and securing devices effectively, employees can work efficiently anytime, anywhere, leading to increased productivity.
    • Improved Security: Scalefusion provides comprehensive security features like encryption, access controls, and remote data wiping to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access.
    • Simplified Device Management: Scalefusion’s intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface allow IT administrators to quickly deploy, manage, and secure devices, streamlining the management process and enhancing efficiency.
    • Cost Savings: Businesses can save money by reducing IT overhead and minimizing the time and resources needed for device maintenance and support.

    Installation and Setup

    To start using Scalefusion, create an account on the Scalefusion website and grant access to the devices you want to manage. Check the Scalefusion documentation for details on OS versions and hardware requirements, and ensure that each device is connected to the Internet.

    Scalefusion supports apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. To enroll your device, follow the on-screen prompts to allow permissions and activate device administrator privileges.

    Once Scalefusion is installed on all devices, verify the installation status on the Scalefusion dashboard. Use this dashboard to enforce device policies and restrictions based on your organization’s needs. You can also use Scalefusion to distribute apps and monitor device compliance and usage.

    Plans and Pricing

    Scalefusion Pricing
    (Image credit: Scalefusion)

    Scalefusion offers flexible pricing with different plans tailored to various business needs:
    Essentials and Growth Plans: Ideal for small businesses or those new to device management. These plans cover basic MDM features like device enrollment, basic security settings, and application management.
    Business Plan: For medium-sized businesses needing advanced features like enhanced security protocols, app management, content distribution, and remote support.
    Enterprise Plan: Suited for large organizations needing a comprehensive MDM solution with features like advanced security management, high-end remote support, detailed analytics, and personalized customer service. Scalefusion also offers custom packages for specific needs.
    The cost of each plan depends on factors like the number of devices, contract length, and feature set. Scalefusion usually offers a free trial period to test their features and interface with a limited number of devices before committing to a subscription.

    Pros and Cons


    • User-friendly dashboard
    • Versatile deployment options
    • Robust security features
    • Seamless app distribution
    • Efficient support and communication


    • High costs for small businesses
    • Requires an internet connection
    • End-users need training and support

    Final Verdict

    Scalefusion provides a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly solution for managing and securing mobile devices in a corporate environment. With comprehensive features, it enhances security, operational efficiency, and productivity. Scalefusion offers tools for businesses of all sizes to control their mobile devices, ensuring data security and workforce productivity.

    By adopting Scalefusion, businesses can confidently move into the future of work, where flexibility, security, and efficiency converge to create a resilient, connected, and dynamic work environment.

    Scalefusion is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to manage a diverse and distributed device environment securely and efficiently. However, potential users should consider the costs, learning curve, customization, and connectivity dependency. Every organization’s needs are unique, so it’s crucial to align specific business requirements and technical capabilities with what Scalefusion offers. Choosing Scalefusion could be a step toward future-proofing your business’s device management strategy.

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