Razer Fujin Pro review: The Best Perfect Gaming Chair for Your Office

Given its understated design, the Razer Fujin Pro gaming chair may also look great in an office setting. But if you’re ready to shell out the $1049 asking price, this luxurious seating option also boasts an abundance of bells and whistles and outstanding comfort, making it ideal for usage in any environment.

You can decide if the Razer Fujin Pro is worth the high asking price based on its comfort level or if it would be better to spend your money on another top gaming chair by reading our review of the product.

Razer Fujin Pro: Pros and Cons

+Easy assembly-Questionable warranty
+Very comfortable
+Great lumbar support
+Fantastic build quality
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Razer Fujin Pro: Price and Availability

For $1049, you can get the Razer Fujin Pro straight from Razer’s website. There is only one version of the chair available, and there are no add-ons to worry about, so there won’t be any additional expenses to think about while making your purchase. Nevertheless, the ordinary Razer Fujin is still available for $649, but it is devoid of the Razer Fujin Pro’s mesh headrest and aluminum alloy frame.

The Razer Fujin Pro is significantly more affordable at this price point than the most recent Herman Miller Aeron model, but the Aeron is still the clear winner in terms of comfort and has a better warranty if you’re ready to spend an even more outrageous amount of money on a chair.

Razer Fujin Pro: Design and Comfort

The Razer Fujin Pro is a minimalist office chair with a design similar to office chairs, unlike most modern gaming chairs. Its traditional gaming features are not immediately noticeable to others. Razer’s name is stitched into a small area on the front mesh, and the name is also visible on the back of the lower headrest. This subtle branding is appreciated by those who use their chairs primarily for work, as it allows for a more discreet and personal touch. The design may not be suitable for everyone, but for those who value simplicity.

The Razer Fujin Pro has an excellent build quality that provides both a comfortable sitting experience and a comforting feeling of stability, even if it lacks any visually striking components for people who want to make a statement. Although its 300-pound weight capacity and very strong aluminum alloy frame are its main selling points, the stunning and long-lasting mesh material is what truly makes this chair a pleasure to sit in. Long gaming or work periods are made enjoyable by its excellent support and comfort, which combine to make it very breathable. 
The adjustable lumbar support is much greater than what you’ll get in most gaming chairs, so you can place the mesh headrest to your liking for a few minutes of head or neck rest. However, I didn’t find I required it much. It doesn’t take long to discover that you’re in ergonomic nirvana when you combine this with the fact that the backrest really moves forward and backward according on the weight you’re putting on it. As a result, whenever I use the chair, my posture has improved, and I seldom ever get tired or uncomfortable from lengthy sitting.

I’ve had a lot of gaming seats, but the Razer Fujin Pro’s armrests are what I love the most since they provide the most comfortable cushioning out of all of them, even with their outstanding lumbar support. My elbows have nerve damage, yet the soft foam has allowed me to rest them on the armrests for hours on end without even a trace of pain. Naturally, the fact that you can modify the armrests’ height and spacing makes them even more delightful, offering you a lot of options for how you want to support your arms whether playing or typing.

In case it isn’t evident enough, the Razer Fujin Pro exudes “premium” quality in every aspect, which is why the chair’s guarantee is so inadequate. The mesh cloth and armrest cushioning are only protected for a year, even though the frame is covered by a five-year warranty. It is surprising that Razer is being so frugal since most chairs at this price range give warranties of up to ten years on all components of the construction. Even if I’m not concerned about the chair’s sustainability in the long run, I would contend that given its high price, the warranty restrictions should be taken into account. After all, anything may happen, and if you’re not fortunate, you might lose a lot of money.

Razer Fujin Pro: What’s Administered

The office chair design and emphasis on comfort in the Razer Fujin Pro seamlessly integrate with its gaming chair functionality, ensuring no compromise in performance. Notably, the Razer Fujin Pro stands out for its exceptional adjustability, surpassing many competitors in crucial aspects.

The chair adheres to industry standards, offering familiar features such as height adjustment through a lever on the right side of the seat pan and versatile 4D armrests that move effortlessly in multiple directions—up/down, left/right, and in/out—at the touch of a few buttons. What sets the Razer Fujin Pro apart is its unparalleled customization options for the contoured headrest. Users can tailor the headrest to their preferences, adjusting it to achieve optimal comfort. Moreover, for those who prefer a streamlined design, the headrest can be effortlessly removed by unscrewing a single screw.

A small percentage of purchasers who often recline deeply may be a bit let down to learn that, unlike many contemporary gaming chairs available on the market, the Razer Fujin Pro cannot be folded into a nearly horizontal position. In actuality, however, I like this implementation’s more flexibility. It has no reclining lever at all, so you have to use your body weight to push it back up to a comfortable but manageable 130 degrees. With just a little more effort on your part, you can retain your lumbar support and stability with this effective on-the-fly reclining, which is still plenty to provide some relaxation while you’re waiting for your next match to begin.
But what makes it really unique is the lumbar support. In addition to adjusting the level of support using the knob in the middle of the back of the chair, you can also use the same spot to move the placement up or down to suit your height. In fact, you can find the sweet spot for lumbar support by using the lever located on the left side of the chair to shift the seat pan inward for those who need less leg support or outward for taller users.

It’s great to have so much flexibility over the placement of such important ergonomic and comfort elements, and it’s a delight to rapidly switch these items back and forth for multi-user families because of how simple they are to alter. Naturally, the Razer Fujin Pro isn’t the only chair with these characteristics; in fact, almost everything about this expensive chair feels and performs better than the majority of the competitors, which contributes to a positive user experience.

Razer Fujin Pro: Assembly

The Razer Fujin Pro is an oasis of simplicity in gaming chair assembly, considering how difficult many gaming seats can be to assemble. Because of its well-packaged design, the chair is easy to unpack, and putting it together is a straightforward task that should take a person roughly fifteen minutes.

Attaching the base to the seat pan is the most difficult part of construction, as it is with almost all gaming chairs. It is not difficult in the slightest, but the heavy weight of the chair may make it difficult for one person to raise and line the screw holes. Having two pairs of hands on the job can’t hurt, especially if you have pre-existing back issues, but it shouldn’t be a big deal for most buyers.

Everything is quite simple, from the headrest to the armrests to the wheelbase, thanks to some clever additions like grooves that the armrests slip into to keep them in place while you screw them into the seat pan. The Razer Fujin Pro took me less than ten minutes to assemble, and my reward was lounging in the chair and enjoying some much less satisfying leftover pizza.

Razer Fujin Pro: Verdict

The Razer Fujin is a comfortable, high-quality chair that can be used in both office and gaming environments. Despite its high-quality materials and stability, it comes with a poor warranty that doesn’t align with its high price point. Despite this, it’s an excellent choice for anyone willing to pay for quality.

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