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The Best 5 Yoga Pants

    We tested styles from top brands like Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, Alo, Prana, and more to find the best yoga trousers on the market.

    The Best 5 Yoga Pants

    Our team of yogis has tested the best yoga trousers since 2015. We selected 13 top models for this update, and several yoga teachers and yogis stretched them to the limit as expert testers. We practised a rigorous flow in each pair, including forward bends, deep backbends, arm balances, and sun salutations. Our testing period comprised more than 200 hours of field testing and over 100 yoga practices, including over 3,500 chaturangas. We tested award winners on rugged hikes, climbing, dancing, walking the dogs, and as everyday wear. This hard work fed our intention to analyse how each trouser performed in comfort and fit, ease of movement, breathability, and durability.

    The beauty of yoga is that you don’t need a lot of fancy gear to practise; set aside some time to spend on your favourite yoga mat and explore what motivates your practice. Find what supports you so you can focus on what matters most. If you are just starting your yoga practice or want to gain flexibility and stability, you might want to consider our review of the best yoga blocks for helpful props.

    Editor’s Note: This review was updated on 17th May 2023, removing some discontinued trousers from our lineup and adding new contenders after a full retest of the entire lineup.

    ColorfulKoala High Waisted Brushed

    We adored the ColorfulKoala High Waisted Brushed for its barely-there feel and lightweight softness, which made it one of the most breathable options we tested. We trust these trousers more than almost any other pair to accommodate the full extension of any yoga pose. They perform exceptionally well and will keep your wallet happy at a fraction of the price compared to designer pairs. The seamless waistband feels like a gentle embrace for the hips; it held us in place, never rolled down, stayed securely in position, and was luxuriously soft to fold into any pose.

    Our testers enjoy these trousers when attempting their most challenging moves due to the second-skin fit, but there are better options for shaping and compression when it comes to casual wear. The High Waisted Brushed trousers are also lighter and not as cozy for cooler weather, although they are perfect to have on hand for hot yoga sessions, especially since, at this price, you can easily stock up and delay doing laundry. If you’re looking for trousers with a silky fabric and unrestricted movement on a budget, these won’t disappoint.

    ColorfulKoala High Waisted

    Material: 87% polyester, 13% spandex | Available Sizes: 0-14

    👍Excellent ease of movement👎May fit loose at ankles
    👍Very soft👎Thin for cooler weather
    👍Lightweight and breathable👎Moderate shaping
    👍Seamless waistband that stays put

    Lululemon Align High Rise

    The Lululemon Align High Rise legging takes the top spot, offering a four-way stretch that moves with the body. Stretchy trousers allow graceful movement, and our testers felt free to move in any direction. The thin fabric is surprisingly supportive, and we love how the compression gently tightens the tummy when we contort ourselves. The Align is versatile, the gold standard for technical movement practices, making it a quick choice for anything from running to a flattering fit for a casual day at work (or work from home). They also make dressing up for an evening out incredibly comfortable.

    We particularly love the high waist, with a simple, v-shaped elastic band that made our posterior look extra good. We never felt squeezed or hindered in our yoga practice. Some trousers can feel like a tourniquet around the waist, but the Align provides excellent shaping, striking a perfect balance between support and freedom. Since yoga focuses on breath, we appreciate how the waistband didn’t interfere with our deep ujjayi (victorious breathing). The Align is also breathable for intense flows or sun-drenched days outdoors. While we adore almost everything about these leggings, keep in mind that they are expensive and require delicate care when washing and drying to ensure their longevity. However, if you’re in search of a new pair of high-waisted leggings, these will enhance your technical performance and leave you feeling fabulous and looking slim.

    Lululemon Align High Rise

    Material: 75% polyester, 35% spandex | Available Sizes: XS-XL

    👍Pure freedom to move👎Delicate fabric
    👍Svelte silhouette👎Expensive
    👍Thin elastic waistband stays in place without squeezing

    Prana Becksa 7/8

    Prana Becksa 7/8 is a reliable choice for any activity. Among the most versatile trousers we tested, we appreciate that it is also one of the most sustainable, being made from recycled materials. The Becksa allows for free movement in yoga flows, fits stylishly for travel or everyday wear, and is durable for outdoor adventures. Thanks to its comfortable and fashionable fit, it would be our preferred option for hiking, climbing, or travelling in various environments. We are grateful for how the ribbed fabric breathes on hot days, especially when trekking uphill under the tropical sun. The fabric is designed to have a UPF 50+ rating, offering skin protection for beach yoga sessions. This is also one of our most pet-friendly pairs. When exposed to paws and claws during our time volunteering at the animal shelter, it held up well to puppy love and didn’t accumulate pet hair as much as most others. These trousers are consistently comfortable and excel in various indoor and outdoor activities.

    The ribbed fabric is sturdy against rocks but gentle on the skin. However, during yoga flows, the textured material can sometimes create excessive friction on the arms during deep twists and binds, although not to the extent of causing chafing. The ribbed fabric is cozy and flexible but not exceptionally soft. Another notable difference between the Becksa and other award-winning options is that the waistband provides slightly less contouring during deep folds, although it maintains its shape and doesn’t roll down. While it may not be the softest for sliding into binds, the friction provided by the Becksa can give you a performance advantage in arm balances, offering that extra grip to hold the pose firmly.

    Prana Becksa 7/8

    Material: 42% recycled polyester, 42% polyester, 16% elastane | Available Sizes: XS-XL

    👍Good durability for adventures👎Not super soft
    👍Material excellent for arm balances👎Too much friction in some binds and folds
    👍Resistant to pet hair
    👍Handy pockets
    👍Made with recycled materials
    👍UV protection

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye High-Waisted Practice Pants

    If you appreciate the perfect balance of fashion and pure comfort as your body moves, you’ll be grateful when you try the “feels as good as it looks” Beyond Yoga Spacedye Practice Pants. These trousers strike an exceptional balance between the softness of jersey fabric, functionality, and a flattering fit. They felt fantastic on our hips while hula dancing, provided the coziness of pyjamas during restorative sound baths, and allowed comfortable movement in all our poses. Above all, we adored their fluidity in flow. They effectively wick away moisture and dry quickly, so we felt fresh and stylish when heading to our favourite coffee bistro after yoga.

    When selecting the best flare, consider your intention. If you plan to use them for serious yoga practice, opt for a bootcut width with less fabric that could hinder your movements. The Practice Pant, with its tighter-legged flare, performed well in our tests and is suitable for challenging sequences and complex binds found in advanced practice or other activities like rock climbing. It’s worth noting that the Practice Pant can run small and short, so you might want to consider sizing up. It’s a great choice for both serious yoga practitioners and those who desire some breathing room for their ankles.

    Beyond Yoga Spacedye High-Waisted Practice Pants

    Material: 87% polyester, 13% Lycra spandex | Available Sizes: XS-XL

    👍Breathable with sun-protection👎Runs small and short
    👍Excellent ease of movement👎Durability concerns
    👍Flattering and versatile fit for work or play👎No pockets available
    👍Brushed jersey softness

    Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush

    Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush leggings are wonderfully stretchy and move seamlessly regardless of the pose you’re transitioning into. We particularly adore the high waist on this pair; unlike other brands that rely on an elastic band to keep the leggings up, which can be uncomfortable around the tummy, the Airbrush stays perfectly in place without any adjustments needed during the class. Additionally, we appreciate the contouring and support provided by these leggings, as they are among the most shaping pants we tested and offer a flattering fit.

    While the Airbrush leggings may not be the most breathable option in the test group, we found that they tend to feel overly warm on the skin during intense flows in a heated room, and they may not be the best choice for a walk on a hot day. That being said, if you’re in search of a new pair of high-waisted leggings that provide supportive shaping, these are an excellent option for cooler weather and slower-paced practices.

    Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush

    Material: 87% polyester, 13% spandex | Available Sizes: XXS-XL

    👍Excellent ease of movement👎Breathability is just okay
    👍No elastic in the waist, but they still stay up👎Run hot

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