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Gizmogo Review – Legit Or Scam? Honest Review!

    Gizmogo is a reputable online platform specializing in the buying and selling of used smartphones, tablets, and various electronic devices. With a mission to combat electronic waste and promote sustainability, Gizmogo offers an attractive solution for individuals looking to part ways with their old gadgets while receiving competitive prices in return.

    One of the standout features of Gizmogo is its commitment to thorough device inspection, ensuring fair and reasonable pricing for sellers. This dedication to quality assessment has garnered the trust of countless customers, leading to widespread recognition and media coverage, including features in Forbes, Fox36, abc10, and the South Florida Reporter.

    With a significant online presence and a strong following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Gizmogo has become a trusted destination for those seeking a hassle-free and environmentally conscious way to sell their electronics. If you’re considering selling your old devices, Gizmogo is a brand worth exploring for its convenience, reliability, and commitment to sustainability.

    Gizmogo Overview: Your Trusted Partner for Selling Used Electronics

    Founded in early 2020 by James Wang, Gizmogo emerged from a deep concern for the growing problem of electronic waste on our planet. Wang’s vision was to create a platform that not only addressed this issue but also provided users with a financially rewarding experience.

    Gizmogo stands out in the market by offering an impressive 10% to 30% more for your used devices compared to competitors. This advantage is rooted in their team of electronic device experts who accurately assess the value of your gadgets. Once your device is successfully sold, Gizmogo takes the sustainable approach of refurbishing and breathing new life into unused devices.

    Gizmogo’s inclusivity is noteworthy; they accept a wide range of electronic gadgets, provided they are in working condition and not excessively outdated. This ensures a fair and practical approach to device acceptance.

    The selling process is incredibly flexible, allowing you to sell your devices online or directly at their physical office. Upon successful completion of your sale, you can expect to receive your payment immediately or within one business day.

    As a customer-centric service, Gizmogo extends its generosity to clients by offering free shipping and a hassle-free return process. Furthermore, the platform offers various programs, including those designed to benefit individuals and phone stores, featuring attractive commissions.

    Highlighted Features of Gizmogo:

    • Competitive pricing for unused devices
    • Acceptance of a wide range of electronic gadgets and brands
    • Capability to accommodate bulk orders
    • Diverse program offerings with lucrative commissions
    • Online and offline selling options
    • Free shipping and return services
    • Recognition in numerous publications
    • Positive feedback from satisfied customers

    How Does Gizmogo Work?

    Gizmogo, established in 2020 in California, is a dedicated platform for trading both new and pre-owned electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This platform places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility by striving to prolong the lifespan of technology while minimizing its ecological footprint.

    Selling your used devices, particularly older tech, on Gizmogo is a straightforward process. On their website, you can select the specific device you wish to sell. Subsequently, you’ll be prompted to specify the brand, which will generate a comprehensive list of available devices along with the offered purchase price. Simply locate your device in the list and click on its thumbnail to proceed.

    The website will then request additional details, such as storage capacity and specific features, and you’ll also need to confirm its current condition. For instance, you can select ‘Brand New‘ if your device remains sealed in its original packaging and has never been used. Conversely, ‘Like New’ condition signifies fully operational devices with no discernible signs of use.

    Moreover, Gizmogo is open to purchasing damaged devices, encompassing a range of issues, such as functional, software, or hardware problems, devices not charging, malfunctioning sensors, dead pixels, white screens, signs of water damage, cracks, dents, or missing parts. It’s essential to note that Gizmogo does not accept devices reported as lost or stolen.

    Upon confirming your device’s condition, the website will promptly provide an instant quote. To initiate the selling process, click the ‘check-out’ button. If you wish to sell multiple items, you can conveniently utilize the ‘add to cart’ feature.

    Gizmogo will prompt you to create an account, and once you’re logged in, you can choose your preferred payment method and provide your shipping address. After verifying your details and accepting the initial offer, you can print the provided shipping label and dispatch your device to Gizmogo. Upon receipt, Gizmogo will notify you, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive the final offer following their evaluation.

    Let’s delve into two convenient ways of selling your used gadgets: Online Selling and Offline/Direct Selling. I’ll walk you through the steps for each method.

    Online Selling:

    • Start by creating an account or logging in on the official website using the upper right section.
    • Reach out to our team and send your gadget, free of shipping charges.
    • Once your gadget safely arrives at our office, our team will promptly inspect it.
    • Expect payment for your device within one business day.
    • If you opt for this method, you’ll enjoy a 15-day quote guarantee, ensuring you receive a fair price for your device on Gizmogo!

    Offline/Direct Selling:

    • Pay a visit to our California office, bringing along the old gadget you intend to sell.
    • Allow our team to thoroughly assess the condition of your gadget and propose a competitive price.
    • Receive immediate cash payment once the inspection is completed.

    Our brand is renowned for its swift and seamless processes. Now, which of these two methods do you find most appealing?

    Is Gizmogo Legit?

    Gizmogo is a legitimate company offering a platform for buying and selling used electronic devices, encompassing smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As with any company, Gizmogo has garnered a spectrum of reviews from customers, making it crucial to assess its reputation accurately.

    Positive reviews often highlight fast and straightforward transactions, competitive pricing, and commendable customer service. However, it’s worth noting that negative feedback has also surfaced, citing delays in payment for sold devices, concerns about the quality of purchased devices, and difficulties in reaching customer support.

    It’s essential to approach reviews with a discerning eye. Individual experiences may not be universally representative, and some reviews could be biased or artificially influenced. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider multiple sources and conduct thorough research when evaluating a company’s reputation.

    If you’re contemplating Gizmogo’s services, it’s prudent to explore various review platforms, consult multiple sources, and, if needed, reach out to Gizmogo’s customer support team to address any queries or apprehensions before engaging with their services. This comprehensive approach can help you make an informed decision about using Gizmogo for your electronic device transactions.

    How Much Can You Earn With Gizmogo?

    Your potential earnings when using Gizmogo are determined by the specific device you’re selling and its present condition. To provide you with some insights, here are Gizmogo’s estimated price ranges for an iPhone 12 with an unlocked carrier and 128 GB storage capacity:

    Brand NewLike NewGood

    In comparison, the current price of the same model on the Apple Online Store stands at $599. This implies that you can sell your brand-new device for 76% of its original market value.

    While the pricing may not appear as lucrative for brand-new devices, it remains an attractive option for items in good condition.

    Furthermore, you can enhance your chances of obtaining the best prices when selling your items online by following these tips:

    • Bundle your devices and accessories together in their original packaging.
    • For smartphones, ensure they are carrier-unlocked.
    • Keep tabs on the current pricing for your device.
    • Maintain your device in a clean and well-maintained condition.

    Who Is Gizmogo Best for?

    Gizmogo is an excellent choice if you’re looking to sell items online while avoiding the complexities of customer service. The streamlined process offered by Gizmogo allows you to quickly earn cash, bypassing the need to handle customer inquiries and negotiate with potential buyers offering low prices.

    Moreover, Gizmogo offers the option for users to establish a business account on their platform. This feature makes Gizmogo an outstanding choice for those operating tech device buyback or trading stores, as it eliminates concerns about finding a marketplace for devices acquired from local sellers.

    Lastly, Gizmogo serves as an ideal platform for individuals seeking to responsibly dispose of old tech that would otherwise be taking up space in their homes.

    What Can You Sell With Gizmogo?

    Gizmogo is interested in purchasing a wide range of tech devices, including:

    • Phones and smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Mac computers
    • Gaming consoles
    • Cameras
    • Lenses
    • Drones
    • Smartwatches
    • iPods
    • Media players
    • Headphones and speakers
    • Kindles
    • And More…
    Gizmogo Best Searches

    Here Popular Searches

    Sell iPhone 14Sell iPhone 13 Pro MaxSell iPhone 11 Pro MaxSell iPhone 6 Plus
    Sell iPhone 14 PlusSell iPhone 12Sell iPhone XSell Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
    Sell iPhone 14 ProSell iPhone 12 MiniSell iPhone XSSell Watch Series 2 38mm & SE 44mm
    Sell iPhone 14 Pro MaxSell iPhone 12 ProSell iPhone XS MaxSell Pixel 3
    Sell iPhone 13Sell iPhone 12 Pro MaxSell iPhone XRSell Galaxy S6 Edge
    Sell iPhone 13 MiniSell iPhone 11Sell iPhone 8 PlusSell Galaxy S20
    Sell iPhone 13 ProSell iPhone 11 ProSell iPhone 7And More…

    Gizmogo Sell Used Brand

    When selling your device through Gizmogo, it’s important to not only identify its classification but also be aware of the supported brands. While Gizmogo doesn’t accept all brands, you’ll find that you can sell electronics from a selection of 40 well-known and reputable brands.


    These brands are renowned for producing high-quality gadgets and appliances. To maximize the value of your quote, consider including accessories such as the original box and instruction guides when preparing your device for sale. These additions can significantly enhance the offered price.

    To secure a competitive quote, make sure you meet all the requirements outlined by Gizmogo. Ready to get started? Click the link below to sell your electronic device swiftly and efficiently!

    Gizmogo Benefits: What Does Gizmogo Offer?

    When you choose to sell with Gizmogo, you’ll enjoy a range of valuable benefits:

    15-Day Guaranteed Offer

    The initial offer you receive through the online process remains valid for 15 days. This generous timeframe allows you ample opportunity to compare offers from other platforms or proceed with Gizmogo.

    Free Shipping

    When you’re ready to send your device to Gizmogo, they provide a prepaid shipping label for your convenience. Should the final offer not meet your expectations, you can decline it, and Gizmogo will return your devices to you at no cost.

    Quick Payout

    Once you accept the final offer, Gizmogo ensures a swift payment process. You can expect to receive your payment through your preferred method within just 1 to 2 business days.

    Brand Ambassador Program

    While earning money online often involves selling items like old tech devices, Gizmogo offers an alternative way to earn by introducing their Brand Ambassador Program. By becoming a part of this program, you can earn cash by referring individuals to Gizmogo’s website.

    Upon joining, you’ll receive a unique referral link that you can share with friends and family. When they click on your link and sell their devices to Gizmogo, you’ll earn a generous 10% commission on the transaction.

    To sweeten the deal, you’ll also receive a $10 bonus for your first successful referral. Plus, there’s no limit to how much you can earn, making it a flexible and potentially lucrative opportunity.

    Gizmogo Fees

    You can sell items on Gizmogo without incurring any fees.

    Gizmogo Requirements

    To initiate the selling process with Gizmogo, you will be required to furnish personal information, including your shipping address and preferred payment method. Additionally, you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years to sell on the platform.

    For users aged between 13 and 17, the platform is accessible with parental consent.

    Gizmogo Payout Terms and Options

    When it comes to receiving your payment from Gizmogo, you can expect it to be processed swiftly, typically within 1 to 2 business days after accepting their final offer. Gizmogo offers various payment options to cater to your preferences:

    • PayPal: Provide the email address associated with your PayPal account.
    • Zelle: Share the email address linked to your Zelle account.
    • Amazon Gift Card: An email address is required for this option.
    • Venmo: Upload your Venmo QR code to facilitate Venmo payments.
    • Check: For check payments, you’ll need to provide your complete shipping address.
    • Electronic Check (e-Check): To receive e-Check payments, you must furnish your complete legal name and email address. Please note that you can only withdraw the amount 12 hours after receiving the e-Check.

    Gizmogo Pros and Cons


    • Free Shipping: Gizmogo provides free shipping for your convenience.
    • Buys Damaged Items: The platform accepts damaged items, offering a solution for those with tech devices in less-than-perfect condition.
    • Quick Payouts: Gizmogo ensures swift payment processing, typically within 1 to 2 business days.
    • Referral Program: Gizmogo offers a referral program that allows you to earn rewards by referring others to the platform.


    • Not Ideal for Brand-New Items: Gizmogo may not offer the most attractive prices for brand-new items, making it less suitable for such products.
    • No Mobile App: The platform does not have a dedicated mobile app, which may affect the convenience of on-the-go users.

    How Effective is Gizmogo’s Customer Support?

    Gizmogo offers several avenues to access their customer support:

    • Phone: For direct assistance, you can contact them at 800-893-9598.
    • Contact Form: They also provide a contact form for your convenience.

    In addition to these options, you’ll find a comprehensive Help page on their website. This page features categorized answers to frequently asked questions, making it easy to locate relevant information.

    Furthermore, you can stay updated and engage with Gizmogo on their official social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

    Is Gizmogo Worth It?

    Gizmogo stands as a reliable buyback platform that specializes in purchasing your used electronics. One of its notable advantages is the absence of any fees, allowing you to sell your items without incurring additional costs. Moreover, they provide free shipping for added convenience.

    In terms of earnings, your potential income is contingent on the items you choose to sell. It’s worth noting that Gizmogo’s mission extends beyond mere profit; they are dedicated to aiding the environment by repurposing and recycling tech devices.

    For those seeking to maximize their earnings on the platform, Gizmogo offers the Brand Ambassador program. This initiative comes with no earning limits, providing an opportunity for you to not only increase your income but also inspire others to contribute to environmental sustainability.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Gizmogo?

    Gizmogo is an online platform that allows users to sell their new and used electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

    How does Gizmogo work?

    The process on Gizmogo begins by selecting the device you want to sell, followed by providing details about its brand, condition, and features. After receiving an instant quote, you can proceed with the sale, choosing from various payment options.

    What types of devices does Gizmogo accept?

    Gizmogo accepts a wide range of tech devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, Mac computers, gaming consoles, cameras, drones, smartwatches, iPods, media players, headphones, speakers, and Kindles.

    Are there any fees for using Gizmogo?

    No, there are no fees for selling items on Gizmogo.

    How long does gizmogo take to pay you?

    Gizmogo typically processes payments within 1 to 2 business days after accepting the final offer for your device.

    How long is the offer valid after receiving it from Gizmogo?

    The offer provided by Gizmogo is valid for 15 days, giving you ample time to consider your options.

    What are the payment options available on Gizmogo?

    Gizmogo offers several payment options, including PayPal, Zelle, Amazon Gift card, Venmo, check, and electronic check (e-Check).

    Is Gizmogo suitable for brand-new items?

    Gizmogo may not offer the most competitive prices for brand-new items, so it may not be the ideal platform for selling brand-new devices.

    Does Gizmogo have a mobile app?

    No, Gizmogo does not have a dedicated mobile app.

    Does Gizmogo have a referral program?

    Yes, Gizmogo offers a Brand Ambassador program where you can earn commissions by referring others to their website. There’s no limit to how much you can earn through this program.

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