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AppointBee AI Review – Boost Your Business and Revenue with Bonuses

    Your cutting-edge solution for revolutionizing appointment bookings. Say goodbye to outdated systems that cost businesses time and money. With AppointBee AI, you’re empowered to triple local business owners’ bookings overnight. This innovative software streamlines the process, allowing customers to effortlessly book appointments 24/7 by engaging with AI. Prevent double bookings, accept payments upfront, and integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar. The AI sends automatic reminders, reducing no-shows and boosting revenue. Whether you’re a consultant, dentist, or real estate professional, AppointBee AI caters to diverse industries. Its mobile-optimized, customizable design suits every need. Set up is a breeze, making you the local hero in just minutes. Don’t miss out on this game-changing tool to enhance businesses and your income. Welcome to a new era of appointment management with AppointBee AI.

    AppointBee AI Review

    AppointBee AI Overview

    Creator ⋙Harshal Jadhav & Nakul N.
    Product ⋙AppointBee AI
    Front-end Price ⋙$24 (One-Time Payment)
    Special coupon ⋙Add code ‘AIBEE2’ to Get $2 off (after the early-bird price ends)
    Official Website ⋙👉 Click Here 👈
    AppointBee AI Bundle ⋙Yes
    AppointBee AI Bundle Price ⋙$297 (one-time payment)
    Bundle Coupon ⋙Use code ‘AIBEE’ to get $50 OFF
    AppointBee AI Bundle Access ⋙Click Here to Instant Access The Bundle
    Bonuses ⋙Yes, a Huge Bonuses
    Level ⋙All Level
    Support ⋙Effective Support
    Guarantee ⋙30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Recommended ⋙Highly Recommended

    What is AppointBee AI?

    AppointBee AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-powered solution designed to transform the way businesses manage appointment bookings. It offers a streamlined and efficient approach to appointment scheduling, helping businesses triple their booking rates practically overnight. With AppointBee AI, customers can easily book appointments around the clock through interactive AI-driven conversations, eliminating the need for outdated booking systems.

    This advanced software optimizes the entire booking process. It prevents double bookings, enables upfront payment collection, seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar for organized scheduling, and automatically sends reminders via email and SMS to minimize no-shows. Its mobile-responsive and customizable design caters to various industries, from consultants to healthcare providers.

    AppointBee AI empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and save valuable time. Its user-friendly setup allows businesses to revolutionize appointment management with minimal effort. In essence, AppointBee AI represents a revolutionary tool that enables businesses to embrace the future of appointment scheduling and deliver a seamless and exceptional booking experience.

    AppointBee AI Features and Benefits

    Discover Powerful Features of AppointBee AI Below

    AI Prevents Double Bookings

    AppointBee AI has built-in technology to prevent double bookings.

    If another customer has already booked an appointment, the AppointBee AI will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available!

    Setup Office Working Hours

    Set up your or your client’s holidays, days off, lunchtimes and meetings.

    So the AppointBee AI can only take bookings only when you or your client’s are available.

    AI Accepts Payment Upfront

    Unlike regular booking systems, AppointBee AI allows you or your clients to accept payments upfront at the time of booking!

    Local businesses love this feature because they get paid upfront and this reduces “no shows” by over 30%

    Google Calendar Integration

    Tap a button to instantly sync your or your client’s Google calendar into AppointBee AI

    Allowing you or your clients to see all of the appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in their Google calendar alongside bookings created by AppointBee AI!

    AI Sends Automatic Email & SMS Reminders

    AI Automatically sends Email and SMS Notifications to people who have booked appointments so that appointments are not missed

    Reduce no shows and bring more customers to your client on autopilot! Results in More Revenue for Your and Client’s Business

    Simple Yet Detailed Client Dashboard

    You and Your clients will have an easy bird’s eye view of their appointment calendar to help them stay organized.

    Based on Customer answers, AI Books Appointment for the Customers.

    Build Your Client’s Email List

    Capture emails during the booking process, so that you or the biz owner can follow up with more offers in the future.

    You can even offer them a done-for-you email marketing service to collect big paychecks every month!

    Multiple Users For Each Business

    Most biz owners will have multiple people who take bookings (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, roofers, etc.)

    With AppointBee you can give each member of the team their own appointment system under one “umbrella” system for that company.

    Extremely Easy To Set Up

    Just point and click and you’ll have the entire system set up for your Business or Your first client in minutes from now.

    We provide step by step instructions and it’s designed for complete beginners to use without any steep learning curves or special skills.

    Export Appointments Data Easily

    You and Your clients can easily export appointment details and statistics for offline references and analysis.

    Export in Excel format easily with one click.

    AppointBee AI Pro Monthly
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Pro One-Time
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI DFY Lite
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI FastPass
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Bundle
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI DFY
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Pro-Lite
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 5
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 250
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Unlimited Agency License
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 50
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Basic
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Agency
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    Unlock Groundbreaking Features At Zero cost

    Appointments Made Easy

    Managing appointments has never been easier for you or your clients. See available slots, bookings made, dates and times, all in a simple dashboard.

    For potential customers, it’s easy too. The booking form is clean, easy to use and works perfectly on mobile.

    Mobile Optimized

    AppointBee works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, so your client will never lose a booking because of a badly designed form that’s hard to fill out.

    Customers can book appointments from their mobile devices in a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching or zooming their screens!

    Built-In Blogging

    Use this to provide additional info about their products and services, boost appointment bookings and even attract free traffic from Google.

    Display images in the sleek slider section integrated into the theme to draw people’s attention, build trust and give blog a professional look and feel.

    Advanced Sales Reporting

    Allow your team or client to view recent transactions, pending and future appointments, customer details and amount paid, in one simple screen.

    Simple and easy to navigate reports section

    Add & Showcase Multiple Services

    Add Multiple Services inside AppointBee AI System

    Show visitors which services are available, right inside a beautiful booking system that works perfectly on every device!

    Extensive Appointment Settings

    Quiz takers can share their results on Social sites, helping your quiz go viral overnight!

    You can also share the overall quiz results to your social media too, helping you explode your traffic for free.

    5 Types of Embed Available

    Embed AppointBee AI Using 5 Types of Embed Anywhere – Inline, Popup, Bottom Right Floating, Right Bottom AI Chat and Let Bottom AI Chat

    Embed on Website, Landing Pages, CMS, LMS, literally anywhere you want

    Generate Leads

    AppointBee AI Also works as a Lead Generation Machine. Choose whether you want to Put generated appointments as a Lead

    Connect to your favourite autoresponder and push leads seamlessely

    Paypal Integration To Accept Payments

    Integrate your Business or Personal Paypal into AppointBee AI

    and Enable AI settings to accet Payment upgront, So End Customers will Pay while Booking Appointments

    Switch Paypal Anytime you want.

    Here’s Everuthing You’re Getting With AppointBee Al Today

    Extensive Appointment Settings

    Artifical Intelligence powered Appointment Settings- Very Easy to work with

    Duplicate Booking Checker

    Al Avoids double bookings, manages everything, keeps the calender clean and no overlapping

    Show Working Hours

    Al communicates exact working hours, shows available times in official working hours only

    Accept Payment Upfront

    Al Accepts Payments before booking an appointment, optional feature – you can turn it on and off

    Google Calendar Integration

    Sync all your Al Appointments with google calender so you can merg Appointbee system with other system if you may have

    Al Automatic Email And SMS Reminders

    Al Sends Automatic Email and SMS Reminders to Customers to Reduce the No Show

    Backend Appointment Calendar & List

    Get a bird’s eye view on the appointments and lists in the backend dashboard

    Build Your Client’s Email List

    Generate your and your clients lists and push them to autoresponders

    Multiple Users For Each Client

    Allow multiple users to work on the same AppointBee Al System at one time

    Mobile Optimized

    AppointBee Al Appointment Booking looks Perfect on each and every Device

    Simple Sales Reporting

    Sell quiz services to unlimited clients!

    Built-In Blogging

    Built in blogging to drive more traffic to your website and generate more

    Full Training And Support

    Full Training on how to sell Al Appointment Booking Services to unlimited clients!

    Bonus Training: Win Your First Client Tonight!

    Bonus Training on how to close your first apointment booking client tonight

    And many more features…

    How Does AppointBee AI Work?

    Start Getting Appointments On Any Website, Landing Page or CMS In Just 3 Simple Steps!

    Step #1 – Login & Setup AppointBee AI For Your Business

    Login To AppointBee AI and Do Your Business Settings such as Setup Services, Staff, Timings, etc. So AI Can be ready to work for you while you run your business or sleep

    AppointBee AI Review

    Step 2 – Deploy AppointBee AI On Your Website/Pages

    Copy Simple Embed Code from the AppointBee AI Dashboard and embed the AI Chat anywhere you like, such as Landing Page, Website, CMS Pages, etc.

    AppointBee AI Review

    Step #3 – AppointBee AI Starts Generating Appointments

    Done, Start Collecting Leads Using AI. People Talk To AI via Chat, AI Helps them out setup Appointments on one of the available slots.

    AppointBee AI Review

    How Does AppointBee AI Help You in Your Business?

    AppointBee AI offers several ways to enhance and streamline your business’s appointment management, ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and operational efficiency. Here’s how AppointBee AI can help your business:

    Increased Booking Rates: By enabling customers to book appointments 24/7 through AI-driven conversations, AppointBee AI can significantly boost your booking rates, leading to increased business opportunities and revenue.

    Reduced No-Shows: Automatic email and SMS reminders sent by the AI help minimize no-shows, ensuring that appointments are attended, and reducing revenue loss from missed appointments.

    Efficient Scheduling: AppointBee AI simplifies the scheduling process, reducing the administrative burden on your staff and allowing customers to book appointments without the need for human intervention.

    Upfront Payments: The AI system facilitates upfront payment collection, ensuring commitment from customers and reducing the likelihood of cancellations or no-shows.

    Time Savings: Automation of appointment scheduling, reminders, and management tasks saves your staff valuable time, which can be directed towards more strategic and revenue-generating activities.

    Improved Customer Experience: The convenient and user-friendly AI booking process enhances the overall customer experience, making it easier for clients to engage with your services.

    Enhanced Organization: Integration with Google Calendar streamlines appointment scheduling and management, ensuring that your team is well-organized and efficiently coordinated.

    Branding and Customization: You can customize the AI booking system to align with your brand’s visual identity, creating a consistent and professional image for your customers.

    Data Collection: AppointBee AI captures customer information during the booking process, helping you build a database of potential leads for future marketing efforts.

    Revenue Growth: Through improved booking rates, reduced no-shows, and enhanced customer satisfaction, AppointBee AI has the potential to contribute to revenue growth for your business.

    Competitive Edge: Implementing advanced booking technology can set you apart from competitors, positioning your business as modern, efficient, and customer-focused.

    Versatility: AppointBee AI is adaptable to various industries, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses, from healthcare to consulting to beauty services.

    AppointBee AI can streamline your appointment management process, optimize customer engagement, and ultimately drive your business’s success by increasing bookings, reducing no-shows, and enhancing operational efficiency.

    Who Can Use AppointBee AI?

    AppointBee AI is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and businesses that rely on appointment scheduling. It can be useful for various professionals and service providers who want to enhance their booking process and improve customer engagement. Here are some examples of who can benefit from using AppointBee AI:

    Consultants and Coaches: Individuals offering consulting, coaching, or advisory services can streamline their appointment scheduling and provide a convenient booking experience for clients.

    Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, and other medical practitioners can optimize patient scheduling, reduce no-shows, and enhance patient experience.

    Salons and Spas: Beauty salons, spas, and wellness centers can make it easier for clients to book appointments for treatments and services.

    Real Estate Agents: Real estate professionals can allow clients to schedule property viewings and consultations, improving efficiency in the home-buying process.

    Fitness Trainers: Personal trainers and fitness instructors can manage their class schedules and offer clients flexible booking options.

    Educational Services: Teachers, tutors, and educational institutions can schedule sessions, classes, and consultations for students.

    Legal Professionals: Lawyers and legal firms can use AppointBee AI to manage client consultations and appointments.

    Therapists and Counselors: Mental health professionals can offer online appointment scheduling for therapy sessions.

    Financial Advisors: Financial consultants and advisors can streamline client meetings and consultations.

    Service Providers: Repair technicians, contractors, and other service providers can enable customers to book appointments for their services.

    Business Consultants: Business advisors and consultants can use AppointBee AI for client meetings and strategy sessions.

    Restaurant Reservations: Restaurants and eateries can potentially use AppointBee AI for table reservations, especially for special events or promotions.

    These are just a few examples, and the applicability of AppointBee AI extends to any business that relies on appointment bookings. It’s essential to consider your specific industry, customer base, and scheduling needs to determine how AppointBee AI can benefit your business.

    AppointBee AI Bonuses

    AppointBee AI Review - Bonuses

    AppointBee AI OTOs Details

    Congruent High Converting
    Battle Tested Funnel To Make You Truckloads of Money!

    Front End

    AppointBee Agency + Training

    $27 | 50% Comm

    AI Appointment Engine To Double Appointments for Any Local Business. Easy Setup, Starts Working in 5 Mins. agency Rights Included + Full Training on Getting Clients

    OTO # 1

    AppointBee AI Pro + AppointBee Leads

    $37- $27/Qtr | 50% Comm

    This Secret Software Will Uncover Thousands of Hungry Local Business Owners Who Are Ready To Pay For AppointBee AI Appointment Booking Services!

    OTO # 2

    AppointBee AI DFY

    $67 | 50% Comm

    10 Done For Your AI Appointment Booking Websites To Instantly Sell To Biz Owners

    OTO # 3

    AgencyBee AI

    $47 | 50% Comm

    Own 100% Done For You Video Agency Website Specially Crafted to Attract Local Clients and Sell AppointBee AI Services with Ease

    OTO # 4

    AppointBee AI Whitelable Reseller

    $97 – $147 – $247 | 50% Comm

    Completely Rebrand This AI Appointment Booking Software as your own and sell to your clients under your company brand

    AppointBee AI Prices

    AppointBee AI Pro Monthly
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Pro One-Time
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI DFY Lite
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI FastPass
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Bundle
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI DFY
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Pro-Lite
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 5
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 250
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Unlimited Agency License
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Whitelabel Reseller 50
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Basic
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘

    AppointBee AI Agency
    ⋙ Grab The Early Bird Offer ⋘


    AppointBee AI emerges as a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing appointment management. Its intelligent automation, personalized booking experiences, and efficient reminders reshape the way businesses interact with clients. By eradicating booking system inefficiencies and reducing no-shows, it empowers businesses to focus on core services. The platform’s user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and revenue-boosting potential mark a paradigm shift in scheduling operations. AppointBee AI caters to diverse industries, ranging from healthcare to consulting, offering an unparalleled advantage. Embrace this innovation to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate overall efficiency. With AppointBee AI, businesses can unleash growth, leaving a lasting impact on client engagement and operational excellence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I Have to Pay a Monthly Subscription?

    No! Not at all. No Subscription or Monthly Fees. If you invest in AppointBee AI today you get career access to the platform for an incredibly low one-time-only price.

    If I have any questions about AppointBee AI, is there any support address or person I can contact?

    Yes, You will get full-time support at Click Here. We will reply back all your queries ASAP.

    Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience to Use AppointBee?

    AppointBee is as “newbie friendly” as it gets and we have included step-by-step training and tutorial videos inside the members’ area to help you to get your profitable Appointment Agency/Services for Local Businesses up and running quickly and easily.

    Do you offer A Guarantee/Support/Training?

    AppointBee is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction guarantee and gets a full 30 days to download and test out if it suits your requirements best. You will get support at our helpdesk. Although AppointBee is designed for any newbie, it is also supported by step-by-step Video, Knowledge base Documents, and a PDF Guide. All these are included at literally no cost at all.

    Is AppointBee Mobile friendly?

    Yes, AppointBee is completely laptop/PC/mobile friendly.

    Can I Install AppointBee AI on my Client’s website?

    Yes, with InBuilt Commercial License, you can install it on your client’s website or sell it as a service for aone-time or Recurring price.

    Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

    You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. AppointBee does not have any rights or permission to use that content or contact any of your users for any reason at all. AppointBee is just a tool for YOU to Deliver YOUR Appointment Services!

    Is there any money-back guarantee?

    Yes! We are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee – no hassles, no questions.

    Can I integrate it with any WordPress or my client’s existing site?

    Yes, AppointBee is a WordPress Theme and Plugin. You can install it as a plugin on your client’s WordPress theme or add a one-page appointment module to any site’s navigation bar by using our easy-to-follow tutorials.

    How many sites can I install AppointBee on?

    As many as you wish, with appointBee unlimited, you can install it on as many websites as you want. Be it on your own or your client’s website.

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